Why Video Increases Conversion Rates

You may have heard of a picture being worth a thousand words but according to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

That’s a lot of communication taking place in just one minute and there are hundreds of statistics showing that video is the way forward in digital marketing.

Video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search result listings and viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. But why is video so effective?


The three main reasons why using video on your website increases conversion rates.


Videos activate the human brain

When we look at speakers or characters in video, an important part of our brain is activated, the fusiform facial area. When activated this area of the brain increases our attention and focus, which is exactly what you want your audience to do when marketing to them.

The Fusiform Face Area is part of the human visual system that is speculated to specialise in facial recognition and process categorical information about familiar objects.

Because we are trying to judge whether the people or characters moving around are familiar to us, it not only increases our attention but also our emotions as we develop social and informational ties.


Voices persuade users

Words are powerful by themselves, but imagine how much greater the impact would be if they were spoken. You don’t have to use italics or exclamation marks to convey your emotions, you can allow your voice to do that for you.

If you can share your emotion in your voice you will captivate a bigger audience as they begin to process and retain the feelings surrounding your product or service.


Movement captures attention

Since the hunting days out brains have been programmed to pay attention to noise and movement. When both senses are stimulated together our attention is heightened which is why video works so well to convey your marketing message.


Other elements you may want to consider whilst creating your video

Mathematical patterns

The human eye finds certain mathematical patterns appealing due to their symmetry and proportions. They appear everywhere in nature which reduces our stress and increases our concentration.

The brain’s capacity to scan and interpret imagery faster when it uses a mathematical pattern such as the Fibonacci Sequence or the Golden ratio produces a positive psychological response – so it is worth considering this for each of your video frames.



It is a good idea to get acquainted with basic colour theory and psychology if you are a marketer. Colours influence our emotions and affect our actions so they can positively or negatively impact on your marketing message.



If your video contains any text, you might want to consider the font. To stop your frames becoming cluttered, stick to two or three fonts maximum. Any more and you risk distracting your audience and make people lose interest in your marketing message.

You should also think about the type of font used. Here I a basic guide on the five categories of fonts and what they generally mean.

  • Serif: authority, tradition, respect
  • Sans-serif: clean, modern, stable.
  • Slab serif: strong, modern, solid.
  • Script: feminine, elegant, friendly.
  • Modern: fashionable, sharp, intelligent.



Subconsciously we respond to shapes in different ways. Consider this as you design the layout of each frame of your video. Generally, circles suggest friendship and unity; triangles and squares are signs of stability; and horizontal lines suggest calm and community.



This goes back to the use of text in your videos. Don’t use more than three different font sizes. The human mind finds it easy to grasp threes, so the more font sizes you have on the frame, the more confusing it becomes.

It is best to keep your headings one size, your subheadings another size and any body text another size. Some experts argue that 16pixel font is the best size for body text, but it is better to go with what fits your overall frame the best and allow for easy readability.


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