Trends to Inform your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017

As 2016 ends, you will be busy creating your digital marketing strategy for 2017. This year has seen some big technological changes. The biggest  changes being in AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality).

To help you plan your strategy and budget, we have put together our top five predicted trends for 2017.


Content marketing

This isn’t a new thing, content marketing does and will continue to dominate your brand’s marketing strategy next year. What you need to focus on for 2017 is quality content.

With so many marketers producing content, it is going to be increasingly difficult to be heard over the digital noise. Get ahead of your competition and create content with substance. Produce content that will resonate with your target audience and search engines.


Video marketing

Content is king, but there are lots of different types of content. The biggest for 2016, and continuing to be in 2017 is video.

Consumers like to watch videos, and as any good marketer knows, you should provide your audience with content in the format they prefer. Social media channels such as Facebook and Snapchat have heavily invested in video marketing lately. This had made them the best channels for brands to be sharing engaging content in order to gain exposure and convert customers.

People buy from people, it’s why live streaming has been such a hit in 2016, so we see no reason why this will change for 2017. In fact, we expect to see even more of it. Advances in technology mean it will become increasingly easy to provide users with unedited videos which consumers just love to see.


The mobile experience

We are spending more time on mobile devices than we do on PCs or laptops. More than 3 billion people worldwide now use the internet (Time), and 80 percent of them access it from smartphones (Smart Insights).

With smartphone usage continuing to rise we expect to see a huge shift in marketing for consumers on the go in 2017. If you website and digital marketing materials aren’t mobile friendly they you will be missing out massively.


Influencer marketing

With all the digital advances comes better education for consumers. This means they are no longer responding to the traditional advert in the way they used to. Consumers do however still respond to social proof.

In 2016 brands took note of this and began to engage with influencers in a big way. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Expect to see many more brands investing time and resources identifying and aligning with influencers.


Wearable tech and the IoT

Wearables have become more mainsteam during 2016 and experts are expecting to see a huge network of connected items (Internet of Things) soon. It is expected that the average household will have at least five IoT devices in their house.

This brings a whole new world of opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers, and to gather data. The surge in new data will enable marketers to target their audiences more accurately than ever before.


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