A re-development of their CMS system & performance across all European sites

Allowing for a more user friendly administration system and front end experience globally across all their European sites as well as improving site performance. As part of WD-40’s KPI’s they wanted to improve on was page speed and mobile compliance, a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in engagement.

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WD-40 Company had some very specific thoughts on how the site should look and be developed to promote the brand and products. We worked in conjunction with WD-40 Company’s consultants to provide a clean information based look that provided direct information linking to the product range and data safety sheets and including the availability of social activity. Along with sticky posts to help with the promotion of informative blog articles.

An additional set of marketing callouts were created for the side bar. In this instance they are set to a global view so the same marketing actions are used throughout. There is future plans to make these callouts more flexible in the phase 2 developments to have more specific marketing actions aligned to the areas of the website they sit in.


For this phase of the website it was important that the existing WordPress CMS was used helping to create continuity for the support and content teams. An examination of the plugins was undertaken in line with the desired KPIs for the new build. Any plugins that were no longer considered relevant were removed as were any plugins considered to be sub-standard. These were replaced with modern, supported alternatives which would help deliver a low friction administration experience for the content teams.

As there was a need to deliver multiple sites all tightly aligned to WD40 Company brand guideline, it was decided that all the sites would use the same theme code base and plugins. This required a more sophisticated build and deployment pipeline which was achieved by moving the codebase over to Bedrock and adding a little piece of WTBI magic.


The load times of the improved site compared with the old set have improved by over 50% on desktop and a staggering 67% on mobile. The same can be said with page speeds. With the introduction of AMP on the sites blog area posts are now loading in milliseconds rather than seconds this has helped to increase both pages per session and session duration by 35% and 28 % respectively.

Minimising deadends on the site along with clearer signposting of key information has also helped decrease the sites bounce rate across all devices by 17%-26%. Along with increasing page views.


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