Big Bear Outdoor appointed WTBI to re-develop their website to improve the user journey of potential clients.

Big Bear Outdoor offer a personal hire service. A recently new business Big Bear Outdoor rebranded to expand their offering to include fitting, servicing and sales. WTBI helped develop a clearer path for customers to connect to the relevant service of interest.

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Strategy & UX

The core objective here was to improve the user journey allowing ease of purchase, enquiry or product hire. To improve the experience a full review of the site was carried out. Removing any dead ends on the site. Along with improving call out sign posts so the user could clearly see where they were on the website and the actions they could choose. This in turn on the new website has reduced user bounce rates by 10% and increased organic traffic by 15%.


A clear separation between Buy and Hire was required to help customers navigate directly to the relevant area to avoid any confusion. These two sections were separated further by including a sign-up and call out box in between.

Brand colours were used throughout to help build brand recognition. By clearly defining these areas the site has increased landing traffic to key pages such as the buy roof boxes which is up by 963% compared to last year and hire also seeing increases from 44% to 153% depending on the product type.

Tawk to live chat was added also to the site to help improve user engagement allowing users to freely ask questions about products in real time rather than having to wait for an email or call back responses. without having to fill out vast amounts of deal and e personal service and fast response to any queries or questions raised during a hire or buy process.


Big Bear Outdoor was built on WordPress with WooCommerce integration.

WordPress content Managed System runs nearly 23% of all world’s websites. And is the go to CMS platform for some of the smallest and largest well-known brands.

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly into WordPress which is great for business owners starting out selling products online.

WTBI continued to use both within the redevelopment of the website. Any plugin bloatware was removed and replaced with lighter custom modifications to the theme and templates along with a few of WTBI’s own plugin developments such as Calloutable and Reviewable. Removing bloatware and improving caching protocols decreased the site load time by 26% – 73% depending on page and browser. Which allowed users to get to products or content faster.


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