Kettle Interiors Direct improves their UX journey for the public and also for their private customers

Kettle came to us not only wanting to improve their public facing site, but also their private area for customers. The private area enabled customers to sign up for access to the full range of products which includes the ability to create an enquiry order for the sales team to review and mange.

Kettle Interiors Direct is a successful, family owned business with over 30 years’ experience in the furniture industry, from designing and developing new lines to manufacturing and shipping their products to its customers anywhere in the world. The Kettle family have an ethos to create an easy, mixable container program of over 30 collections with design and most of all value at heart. They have built up a manufacturing base in Vietnam and China with nearly 1000 members to their team covering all the crucial skillsets that are required to perform to the highest standards such as: sourcing, CAD drawing, wood cutting and sanding, CNC operation, assembling, spraying, Quality Control, packing, testing, warehousing, Supervising and Managing. They have invested in local people, refining a local trade utilising their knowledge and experience to excel within the industry.

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Strategy & UX

The front-end public site has been created to give a flavour of the products. There is flexibility on the home page to change the focus from one product to another through the use of a scroller and a selection of boxed areas to highlight collections or specific ranges.

These collections are then broken down into ranges within a separate section for ease of clicking through to an overview of that specific range and related products.
Kettle’s four key selling points were important to them and as a result are quite high up in the order of significance, sitting directly under the scroller on the home page and on subsequent pages underneath the navigation header. Rolling over these icons on the subsequent pages will also give you additional information on these key areas.

The collection information on the public side of the site has been slim-lined to give an overview of the product, with essential call to actions to sign up to view the full range.

Signing up is a simple process of supplying your name and email address which is then sent to Kettle for verification. Once approved the customer can then move over to the ecommerce side of the site.

The client was keen to reflect the public facing site as much as possible. But the key element to this site is the ‘order form’ which contains the full range of products and key details where a customer can easily review a product, its CBM, cost and apply a priority to the product when ordering.

This has helped reduce the bounce rate of the website by over 41% along with increasing session duration by over 286%.



The sites design was developed to highlight different collections and ranges with easy access to general information on that range.

Making use of the abundance of lifestyle images available for the product ranges, we created a clean and functional experience for the website visitor. We have highlighted very defined routes to the product, key selling points and access to the full range of products in the private area of the site.

This approach has led to an increase of 84% in mobile traffic to the website and a reduction in mobile bounce rate of over 29%.



Unlike many sites these days, mobile was not the main focus for this site. The majority of users here would be desktop driven.

The biggest area of development for this site was the order form section. This area had to be bespoke in multitude of areas, including the introduction of a CBM area which calculated how much area had been used up within a container as the customer added products to their order. Many products came from a variety of warehouses and another feature was to eliminate the products from being ordered should they not be available. As a customer could still over order on a container a priority dropdown was also added to the basket to allow the customer to indicate how important a product was as part of that order. Making life a little easier for the sales team to remove any low priority products from an order should they not fit.

As with many of our sites these days an easy to use admin area was very important for Kettle to be able to make updates to both the WordPress and PrestaShop side of the site.

WordPress offers up easy access to an administration area for them to make changes as necessary to the site and to update with new information as and when necessary. For PrestaShop we included an export/import module which helps with the majority of the updates required to keep the products up-to-date.

This means that there is less bloat that has to be downloaded to view the website which in turn makes the site faster to load and faster to navigate around on mobile devices 65% faster when compared to the old site.


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