The Haynes Clinic improves their UX journey to increase conversion rates

The main aim for The Haynes Clinic was to gain more conversions from their website, chiefly in the form of telephone calls but also through contact forms.

The Haynes Clinic treat several types of addiction and ensure their patients return home with all the tools they need to live a happy fulfilled sober life. They are based in a tranquil, rural setting, approximately 40 miles north of London in Bedfordshire. Collectively they have over 100 years of experience in treating addictions and offer multiple detox and rehabilitation programmes.

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Strategy & UX

After exploring the UX journey it became clear that in order to achieve a higher conversion rate for The Haynes Clinic, three elements of the website needed attention: the acquisition of users (i.e. the traffic source), the navigation, and the user experience.

Previously, The Haynes Clinic had relied heavily upon traffic generated from Google Ads for their website but when Google introduced restrictions on certain keywords, this stopped being a viable option. A good organic SEO strategy was needed to replace this. We applied Lighthouse compliance, Meta tagging and improved the UX.

The overall look and feel of the site had to become less busy with clearly defined areas to improve the UX. To do this we made the navigation much simpler for the user to get around, added CTA (Call to Action) buttons and user signposting to give visitors to the website a seamless journey without confusing the user.

Making improvements to the UX journey has helped decrease bounce rates by 30% and increase session duration by over 57%. The Haynes Clinic have also seen an increase in conversions upon launch of the website.


The Haynes Clinic’s previous website was communicating multiple messages to the user at the same time with no clear signposting which was confusing. We made the whole process a lot simpler and cleaner, producing a grid design that focuses on defined UX journeys.

The colours used within the design are like those used within The Haynes Clinic logo for continuity of branding. The bold blue and green are used to highlight key areas within each page, such as the CTA buttons and sidebar signposting which assist users in taking a clearly defined UX journey.

The main navigation was also highlighted by using a blue background to make it clear to the user where they need to go to find out more information about The Haynes Clinic and addiction. We simplified the navigation bar, removing the drop-down menu featured on the old website and ensured there was less clicks for the user to reach the information they required.


Mobile users accounted for more than half of The Haynes Clinic users, so it was imperative that their new website was built fully responsive.

Built using WordPress, we have allowed the client to have easy access to an administration area for them to make changes and updates to pages, news and the team section.

This approach works particularly well for the news section which is used as part of The Haynes Clinic Social Media marketing on a regular basis. Once a post is published it not only features in the news section, but also across various relevant categories, allowing visitors to explore the topic further within the website.

This means that users are staying for longer on the website and visiting more relevant pages, with the average number of pages per session increasing by over 97%.


The Haynes Clinic – Better UX, Better Conversion

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The Haynes Clinic improves their UX journey to increase conversion rates

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