Kickarse Cards - Boxing Greats

A beautiful set of illustrated Poker cards featuring some of the greatest boxers of all time

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Kickarse was formed in the summer of 2017 whilst they were debating the up and coming Mayweather vs McGregor boxing spectacle. During their initial conversation, it was suggested that it would be fun to produce a commemorative set of playing cards to co-inside with what was being touted as the most expensive matchup in the history of the sport. From the outset, they knew that the playing cards should be something special, a collector’s piece that would be treasured. To fulfil this vision they asked Wots the Big Idea to help bring the cards alive. Settling on each playing card having a unique illustration on it showcasing some of history’s greatest boxers.

Wots the Big Idea created a beautiful set of unique illustrations fo some of the greatest boxer to grace the square circle over the last century. The card deck comprises pugilists from all decades, countries and weight categories, with a large proportion having reached the heights of being named in the Boxing Hall of Fame.

With a roll call of ring legends including; George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Joe Louis the collection includes fighters that would make a great gift for both hardcore boxing fans and card players looking for something different.

This set of playing cards is now available for purchase, and all involved in the project are really happy with the final version.

These cards are available on Amazon and Ebay  and if you fancy a T-Shirts or Mug of your favorite boxer then head over to RedBubble.


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Kickarse Cards - Boxing Greats

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